Paid Survey Panels

BuzzBack Panel-This is a really good paid survey panel! I've earned $93 in less than a month!!! There are anywhere from 1-3 surveys (payout range from $1-$20) on my dashboard per day but, I get screened out of half of those! But, occasionally, when you take surveys, you not only get paid a few bucks for completing the initial survey, they will send an invite asking you to participate in the BuzzBack Hive. I qualified for two panels of them this month for a total of $80!

Opinion Outpost-Do surveys to earn PayPal deposits, Amazon Gift Cards, & many more!!! I've only casually used & redeemed $20 in PayPal deposits!

Springboard America-A great paid survey panel to make a quick buck!!! A few of my friends have used this site alone to pay for their entire family Christmas!!!

SurveySavvy-Just joined, haven't been very active on this one yet! This week, I was sent a product to test. I was asked to completed a survey about that product that paid $8 plus, they are sending me an additional package to review for the same study! (Will update with the payout of that one!)

Springboard America-An easy way to make quick money! Again, I know people who have purchased their entire family Christmas just from their earnings on this site!!!

Brand Institute-I get approximately 1-2 offers a week for surveys. They mostly ask for my opinion on pharmaceutical drug names but, the pay for them is pretty good! I usually get $5 per survey & do not have to wait to cash out, it is sent to my PayPal account within a couple days.

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